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​About Terri Allender


I have been fortunate to live amid the beauty of the Vail Valley since 1974. Now retired, I am able to devote more time to the things that nurture me, including creating art. I am drawn to landscapes and natural beauty, light and shadow, water and sky, color and form. I have had some wonderful teachers in Janet Swanson (watercolor), Don Sahli and Ursula Gilgulin (oil) Greg Barnes and Dennis Rhoades (pastel) and Lenka Sage (drawing). 

I am a member of the Colorado Pastel Society and am grateful for the opportunity to do their wonderful Paint-along workshops each month with artists from all over the country.  


When I am painting, it feels as though the world flows into me via light, color and shapes. When I step away from a painting I am often surprised to see how the area that I have been working on contributes to the whole. It is as if the painting is painting itself, and I am trying to not get in the way. I feel a deep sense of connection to the mystery and beauty of the natural world. 


I love making art, but am not fond of the business of art, which is why I have decided to donate my art to non-profits or work  on a commission basis and have patrons donate to charity instead! 

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